A white child with light brown hair is held by a smiling woman with medium skin and brown hair while another dark-haired woman smiles and looks on. All three people are wearing jackets and they are standing outside.


A complete evaluation of strengths, concerns, symptoms, and treatment goals that can identify a mental or behavioral health diagnosis and plan for treatment

Crisis Planning

Creating a detailed plan of action so that the individual, family members, and others know how to prevent and respond if a mental health crisis occurs

Individual Therapy

Therapy provided one-on-one with the child or individual to address the therapeutic needs identified in the Treatment Plan

Family Therapy

Therapy that includes the individual and their family members or other people in their support system to work on family dynamic goals

Parenting Support

Sessions for parents or caregivers to obtain skills training or other support for their child’s needs

Care Coordination

Collaboration with other involved professionals, like a doctor, teacher, or psychiatrist

Additional services are available, upon request.

A smiling boy with dark brown hair is standing with a backpack over one shoulder. Three other students, 2 girls and a boy, are in the background.